Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I highly recommend checking out Russ Roberts's EconTalk podcast over at He is a faculty member of George Mason University and the podcast is brought to you by the Library of Economics and Liberty. He also blogs here with Don Boudreaux, who is the Economics Department Chair at George Mason University. Don has put together a great department of Libertarian Economists, and many of the blogs I follow are written by faculty of said University (Brandon T put me on to many of these).

Still working on my deflation post. The scope keeps widening on me and I seem to need to research every sentance to make sure I get the logical steps right.

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B. Turner said...

Agreed. The GMU Econ department is truly exceptional, and I count myself fortunate that, through a fairly longstanding relationship with the Institute for Humane Studies (who are based at GMU in Arlington), I've gotten to meet and learn from many of them, especially Tyler Cowen and John Nye.

What is particularly admirable about the faculty there is the degree to which they've embraced the internet as a technology of information-dissemination and discussion. Looking down their roster just now, I was a bit stunned at just how many of them run must-check blogs, particularly in comparison to departments of comparable or superior standing in economics.

Although I'm growing increasingly wary of the economic influence on libertarian thought (to clarify--it's my wariness that's increasing, not necessarily the economic influence), these guys represent an unqualifiedly good thing.